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Andhrapradesh >> Vijayawada


275 km from Hyderabad
43 c at Summer/ 24 c at Winter
Latitude : 16.511370    Longitude : 80.631447

Language : Telugu
Vijayawada also Known as Bezawada, is the third largest city in Andhra Pradesh, India, located on the banks of the Krishna River and bounded by the Indrakiladri Hills on the West and the Budemeru River on the North. Vijayawada literally translates to "The Place of Victory". Its prominence as a major trading and business center has earned it the title of, “The Business Capital of Andhra Pradesh”. Situated along the Madras-Howrah and Madras-Delhi Railway route, this is the largest railway junction of the South Central Railway region.Vijayawada is famous for automobile body building, garment, iron and hardware small scale industries.
Akkana and Madanna Caves
Akkana and Madanna Caves
These caves are situated on the way to Kanaka Durga temple and are dedicated to Akkana and Madanna who were ministers in the court of Abdul Hasan Tanashah in the 17th century. A short distance from these caves is another cave dating back to 2nd century BC which hosts the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.
Amaravati Amareshwara Temple
Amaravati Amareshwara Temple - Lord Shiva Temple
The Amareswara (Shiva) temple is 46 km form Vijayawada .The walls have lot of inscriptions that give information about the kings who ruled over the area. The present holy shrine of Amaralingeswara (Lord Shiva) temple is associated with the reign of Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu who ruled the region before the advent of the British rule . People around Amaravati widely believe that the temple was constructed to install peace after a massacre of 1000 violent tribesman plotting against the king in a sinister carnival organized to capture them. Later Venkatadri Nayudu built a temple in the same spot upon guidance from scholars of his court. He was well-known for his benevolence , munificience and construction of a large number of temples and education centers in the Krishna river delta.The shrine embraces a 15 ft high marble Shiva lingam. It is believed that Lord Siva is present here in the form of five lingams -Pranaveswara, Agasteswara, Kosaleswara, Someswara and Parthiveswara.
Bhavani Island
Bhavani Island - Beautiful Island
Beautiful estuary Island in the Krishna river, one of the largest islands on the river, Bhavani Island extends more than 130 acres and located near to the to Prakasam Barrage. A marvelous picnic spot, Bhavani Island has nicely maintained swimming pools and facilities for enjoying amazing boat riding in Krishna River. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation makes very good arrangements of boats for boating and is available from the place known as Durga ghat. Recently the island has grown to a beautiful tourist spot with many river front resorts. The Island is good for some water adventure and fun water sports. Fishing is also on offer. Ride to the island by boat is very pleasing.
Hazrathbal Mosque
Hazrathbal Mosque
Hazrathbal Mosque is an important holy place in Vijayawada. Special attraction of the mosque is that it houses a sacred relic of Prophet Mohammad that is exhibited once in a year. People from far and wide come to pay their homage at the mosque.
Kanaga Durga Temple
Kanaga Durga Temple - Goddess - Kanaga Durga
Kanaka Durga Temple is a famous temple in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located on the Indrakeeladri hill in the city of Vijayawada on the banks of Krishna River.The presiding deity in the temple is Kanaka Durga, who is considered as the Goddess of power, riches and benevolence. There are several inscriptions inside the temple.At the Kanakadurga temple, the enchanting four-foot high icon of the deity bedecked in glittering ornaments and bright flowers, with eight powerful weapons in eight hands is in a standing posture over the demon Mahishashura and piercing him with her trident. The goddess is the epitome of beauty.
Malleswaraswami Temple
Malleswaraswami Temple - Lord Mallikarjuna Temple
The Malleswaraswami Temple which is well worth a visit, is located in close proximity to the Kanakdurga Temple on top of the Indrakiladri hill.The deity worshipped in the temple is Mallikarjuna or Malleswara as he is popularly known. Even in the ancient Hindu religious texts - the Puranas, he is referred to as Malleswara. Legend has it that the idol was installed by Yudhishthira, the eldest of the five Pandava brothers. He established it to commemorate his victory in the south. To this day, the idol is worshipped with a lot of devotion.
The Malleswaraswami Temple is a rock cut cave temple. There is a pillar and a slab within the temple. The pillar contains admirable inscriptions.
Manginapudi Beach
Manginapudi Beach - Datta Rameswaram
Located at a distance of 65kms from Vijayawada, the scenic beach is breathtakingly beautiful. A unique feature of this beach is that it has black soil instead of sand. On the occasion of Magha Poornima lakhs of pilgrims gather here to take a holy dip in the sea. An old light house is one of the tourist attractions. A number of beach resorts are coming up to cater to the tourist crowd. Owing to the sanctification of 9 wells of bath, like Rameswaram, Manginapudi is also known as 'Datta Rameswaram'. An old lighthouse on a sea cliff, being a unique construction, also attracts visitors.
Mogalrajapuram Caves
Mogalrajapuram Caves
Mogalrajapuram caves are located at a distance of 5km east of city. It has five rock cut sanctuaries dating back to the 5th century AD and of these only one is in good condition. The Mogalarajapuram temple has an 'Ardhanarisvara' statue which is thought to be the earliest in South India and one of its kind. One of the caves has an overhanging cornice with artificial windows. The idols of Lord Nataraja and Vinayaka in one cave are still in good condition compared to the other worn out images of deities. It is also a place of archaeological importance.
Rajiv Gandhi Park
Rajiv Gandhi Park
Created by the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation with great care, this park welcomes the tourists at the entrance of the city with its impressive horticultural network. A mini zoo and a musical water fountain are added to it.
St Mary's Church
St Mary's Church
Also known as St. Mary's Church, Gundala Church was earlier an orphanage. It is to be found on the eastern side of the town on a hillock. 'Our Lady of Lourdes' is an annual event observed at the church that is attended by hundreds of people.
Undavalli Caves
Undavalli Caves
The Undavalli caves in Guntur district are situated at a distance of only 8km from Vijayawada. These ancient Hindu cave temples are believed to be of the 4th and 5th century AD's. They are fine specimens of architectural and sculptural models carved out of solid rock. The temples are atop the high hills overlooking the Krishna river. A huge monolith of Lord Vishnu in lying position is worth seeing.
Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum
Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum
Located in Victory city of Vijayawada, having collection of ancient sculpture, paintings, idols, inscriptions, the Victoria Museum is one of the center of attraction.
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