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Andhrapradesh >> Visakhapatnam


Located on the eastern shore of India
38 c summer/29 c winter
Latitude : 17.714997    Longitude : 83.311191

Language : Telugu
The second largest city of Andhra Pradesh and one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. Once a small fishing village, the city today is a busy port endowed with a natural harbor. A number of major industries, ship building yard, a mega oil refinery, a massive steel and power plant make Vizag one of the modern faces of India. However, all the industrial progress of Vizag has taken place in the midst of the awe-inspiring Eastern Ghats on one side and the blue waters of Bay of Bengal on the other, giving the city a magical touch.

Anantagiri Hills
Anantagiri Hills - Hill Resort
Anantagiri is the located in the ranges of the Eastern Ghats at a distance of 40 km from Vishakhapatnum. In fact Anantagiri is located of the top of the Elysian Tirumala Hills approximately 17 km from Araku valley, which is 112 kms from Vishakhapatnum.
Araku Valley
Araku Valley
Araku Valley which is 130 kms from VishakhaPatnam.Aruku Valley depicts a cluster of five valleys. Aruku valley is famous for its rich tribal heritage. The Aruku valley depicts the gorgeous greens valleys, flourishing forests and the natural waterfalls. The various tribal settlements here are conserving their rich culture and traditions. The Dhimsa dance of the tribes acts as an unforgettable tourist Sight Seeing Aruku also has a famous Aruku tribal museum. The Museum in Aruku valley depicts the rich cultural heritage of the tribal people.Also Visit The Coffee Plantations,Sangda waterfalls,Matsyagundam Fish Pool.At Matsyagundam fish of many sizes and varieties are available.Matsyagundam is rightly called the fish pool. Lord Shiva temple is also worth seeing here.Also Visit the Damuku View Point,Padmapuram Botanical Gardens, Tida Tunnel, Government Silk Farm and the Mulbary Gardens .
Bavikonda - Buddhist Spot
Bavikonda, an important Buddhist heritage site located on a hill about 15kms., northeast from Visakhapatnam city. Here the Buddhist habitation is noticed on a 40 acres flat terraced area. Bavikonda in Telugu means a hill of wells. A Hinayana school of Buddhism was practiced here. Bavikonda Monastery flourished between 3rd Century B.C., and 3rd Century A.D., The discovery of relic caskets in Mahachaitya is significant. Bavikonda has remains of an entire Buddhist complex, comprising 26 structures belonging to three phases. A piece of bone stored in an urn recovered here is believed to belong to the mortal remains of the Buddha. It also contains large quantity of ash, charcoal, and earthenware. Three abandoned water tanks were also have been found on this hillock.
Bheemunipatnam Beach
Bheemunipatnam Beach
Bheemunipatnam Beach is a peaceful and serene beach, situated along the coastline of Andhra Pradesh. Amidst the blue waters and tall coconut trees, this beach appears to be the perfect site for honeymooners.It is 25 km from Visakhapatnam.
Borra Caves
Borra Caves
On the way to Araku Valley, 90 km from Vizag, Borra Caves house spectacular, million-year-old stalactite and stalagmite formations, standing as a testimonial to its pristine glory and age woven into intricate design through the centuries. While the formations resembling mythological characters are an added attraction, illumination of the caves by AP Tourism turns the naturally sculpted glory into a grand visual feast. The nature made Borra Caves are a million and odd years old and said to be discovered by William King in 1807. The river Gostani, beautiful hills and valleys surround these caves. The local tale says, the tribals discovered the caves, when a cow fell into the caves through the hole of the cave.
Dolphin's Nose
Dolphin's Nose - prominent and unforgettable landmark
It is the most prominent and unforgettable landmark in Visakhapatnam. It is a single and massive hillock of more than 350mts height, resembles the Dolphin’s nose hence the name. It protects the Visakhapatnam Harbour as well as the Head Quarters of Eastern Naval Command. Visakhapatnam Port Trust’s, Light House is situated on top of the hill and guides the approaching ships to Visakhapatnam. The port channel cuts in between three hills which emphasis the lovely topography of Visakhapatnam. Ross Hill, the highest mount named after Mr. Ross, local authority, who built a house on it in 1864, Darga konda, has a mosque and a shrine of a Muslim sage Ishaque Madina, who was revered for his prophecies. Sri Venkateswarakonda has a temple, which was built by Capt. Blackmoor in 1886.
Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
Indira Gandhi Zoological Park - One of the Largest Zoo in India
The park covers an area of 625 acres. It is presently one of the largest zoo located in the natural settings of a reserve forest about 4 km. from the Visakhapatnam railway station on the National Highway at Mathurawada. Nearly eighty species of animals numbering to about eight hundred are present in the zoo. The Hippopotamus is a special attraction at the zoo. The Crocodile Complex has all the three Indian Crocodile species.
Kailasagiri Park located on a picturesque hill is truly an outstanding tourist spot in Visakhapatnam city. Located at an altitude of 130mtrs.this hill park faces the Bay of Bengal. The ranges are appropriately named Kailasagiri owing to the presence of the statue of the celestial couple (Siva-Parvathi statue). The high point also gives a panoramic view of the city, its beaches. There is a well-laid road for motorists and steps for pedestrians. The entire area is illuminated and presents a fantastic sight when viewed in the night from any part of the city.
Ramakrishna Beach
Ramakrishna Beach
Located at the east coast with a largest stretch of seafront, Ramakrishna beach is a favourite and nice spot to spend the time relaxing on the softy sand. The twin beaches - Ramakrishna Beach and Lawson's Bay present the tourists will mind-blowing scenic view of the nature, especially the reddish setting sun. The submarine museum, Rishikonda Beach, the Kali Temple, VUDA Park, statues of prominent personalities, Matsyadarshini, road side restaurants and parks - all attracts visitors to this beach.
Rushikonda - Golden Sand Beach
Just 8Kms from Vizag, Rushikonda beach is a picture perfect setting with golden sands, surf, sea and hill cottages overlooking the grand vista. For lovers of swimming and water sports like skiing and wind surfing, Rushikonda is an ideal destination. At the end of a grueling session, one can always chillout at the bar cum restaurant attached to the cottage
Simhachalam - Lord Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy
One of the most exquisitely sculpted shrines of Andhra Pradesh, Simhachalam temple is situated 16 km from Vizag among thickly wooded hills. The beautifully-carved 16-pillared Natya mantapa and the 96-pillared Kalyana mantapa bear testimony to the architectural brilliance of the temple. The image of the presiding deity, Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy, is covered by a thick layer of sandalwood paste.
Thotlakonda - Buddhist Spots
The Buddhist Complex on the hill-top of Mangamaripeta, locally known as Thotlakonda lies about 16Kms from Visakhapatnam on Vizag Bheemili beach road. It is picturesquely located on the hilltop at about 128mts. high above the MSL. The existence of Buddhist site at Thotlakonda came to light during an aerial survey undertaken by the Indian Navy. After its discovery, the Government of A.P has declared the site measuring an area of 120 acres on the summit as protected monument during 1978.
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