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The palace of the Holkars, the ruling dynasty of Indore, is nowhere as old as some of the greatest palaces of India and has very little history behind it. The most notable thing one can say about it is that the palace has been up in flames three times in its 200-year-old history. It was reduced to no more than a facade after the fire in 1984 destroyed most of it.

Built by Maharaja Malhar Rao Holkar II (1811-34) in the old part of the town, the seven-storey gateway of the Old Palace towers over the busy lanes of the Kajuri Bazaar. It is the only existing seven storied entrance of a palace.
The palace consists of a splendid range of buildings that you’ll love to amble through. To the right of the gateway facing the main square is the Gopal Temple (1832), a large central hall with granite pillars supporting an elaborately carved roof. The temple enshrines the idol of the family deity Malhari Martand.

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