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Karnataka >> Bijapur


205 km from Belgaum
40 c Summer/ 22 c Winter
Latitude : 18.788151    Longitude : 80.822021

Language : Kannada,Urdu,English
Bijapur is a district headquarters of the Bijapur District in the state of Karnataka. Bijapur city is well known for the great architectures of histrorical importance built during the Adil Shahi dynasty. Bijapur City is the head quarters of the district and is located 530 km northwest of Bangalore. The city is about 550 km from Mumbai (Maharashtra).

The city established in the 10th-11th centuries by the Chalukyas of Kalyani was referred as Vijayapura (City of victory). The city came under the influence of the Khilji Sultanate in Delhi by the late 13th century. In 1347, the area was conquered by the Bahmani Sultanate of Gulbarga. By this time, the city was being referred as Vijapur or Bijapur.

Gol Gumbaz
Gol Gumbaz - Second Largest Dome in the world
Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah (1627-57) of the Adil Shahi dynasty of Indian sultans, who ruled the Sultanate of Bijapur from 1490 to 1686. The tomb, located in the city of Bijapur, or Vijapur in Karnataka, southern India, was built in 1659 by the famous architect, Yaqut of Dabul.
Ibrahim roza
Ibrahim roza
Ibrahim Roza, located in Bij?pur, India, was constructed by Ibrahim Adil Shah II in the early 1600s for his queen, Taj Sultana. The minarets, or prayer towers, are 24 m (about 79 ft) high and may have inspired those of the Taj Mahal. Ibrahim Adil Shah and his family are buried here.This whole structure lies above a basement which houses secret passages (used to store munitions and food) and also holds living quarters for the cavalry, with stables opposite.
Jumma Masjid
Jumma Masjid
It is the largest mosque and covers an area of 10,810 sq m and rises up to 120 ft. There is a fountain at the center and a lot of well designed arches and rooms. There is a big hall and a huge dome with 33 domes surrounding it. There are 12 arches constructed with 12 interleaving arches. There is an elaborately designed gateway designed by Aurangzeb. It has the unique distinction of being one of the first mosques in India. The mosque contains a copy of the holy Koran inscribed in gold.
Malik-e-Maidan - Legendary Gun
'Malik-E-Maidan' meaning the 'lord of the battlefield' is the largest medieval cannon in the world, fourteen feet long and weighing about 55 tons. Perched on a platform especially built for it, the cannon's nozzle is fashioned into the shape of a lion's head. In 1854 AD, the cannon was auctioned for Rs. 150 but the sale was cancelled in the end. A unique feature of this legendary gun is that it is always cool to touch even under the blazing sun.
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