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Pondichery (2D)
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Pondichery >> Pondichery


175 kms from Chennai
32c summer/ 26 c winter
Latitude : 48.340135    Longitude : -1.818122

Language : Tamil,English,French
Pondichery is the city of southeast India on the Bay of Bengal south-southwest of Chennai (Madras). It consists of four former French coastal settlements whose administration was transferred to India in 1954.
Auroville - Universal town
Located 10 kms north of Pondicherry town, Auroville is envisioned as a universal town, where people from different nationalities, faiths and beliefs, can live in peace and harmony. The construction of this 'universal town' was started in 1968 under the guidance of the mother, a paries- Born painter-musician who become sri Aurobindo's disciple and close companion from 1924 till his death in 1950. The development of this Utopia is still in progress. Several countries have offered to set up permanent pavilions, reflecting the culture and ethos of their countries.
Pondichery Beach
Pondichery Beach - Serenity Beach
The beach-comber and the sun-worshipper have miles of nirvana in Pondicherry. The waters are cool and soothing. The sands clear and sparkling. In splendid seclusion. Quite often, your only company is a lone seagull. Or a sandpiper. Many resorts, cottages, cafes and bars command an excellent view of the sea.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Ashram created by Saint Aurobindo and Mother
Sri Aurobindo Society is a registered society with its chief administrative office at Puducherry. It has about 350 centres and 75 branches in India and outside. The Mother is the founder and the permanent President of the Society.
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