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This religious centre is famous for the temple dedicated to Vayu, the wind god. It is said that the Linga was worshipped by a spider, by spinning a web over it, a snake by placing gem upon the Linga and an Elephant by washing the Linga with water from its trunk and attain Mukti. Hence this place is called Srikalahasthi.

The name of the place comes from three animals, Sri(spider), Kala(snake) and hasti(elephant) who worshipped Shiva and gained salvation here. A statue that shows all three animals is situated in the main shrine.

The Skanda Purana, Shiva Purana, and Linga Purnas mention about Srikalahasti. The Skanda Purana says that Arjuna visited this place, worshipped Kalahastiswara, and met the sage Bharadwaja on the top of the hill. It is believed that Kannappa(also called as Bhakta kannappa), a tribal devotee has worshipped Siva at Srikalahasti.

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