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Uttar Pradesh >> Kanpur


Located on the banks of Ganga
43 c Summer/ 4 c Winter
Latitude : 26.457830    Longitude : 80.317863

Language : Hindi,Urdu,English
Kanpur is one of the most populous cities in the north India and the most populous within the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Kanpur is located on the banks of the Ganga and is an important industrial centre. It has an area of over 1600 kmĀ² and had a population of around 4.13 million in the 2001 census. Owing to its industrial importance one of the Reserve Bank of India was established in the city. Kanpur is home to several most prestigious educational institutions of the country, including one of the Indian Institutes of Technology, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI), CSJM University, University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chandrashekhar Azad Agricultural University, and GSVM Medical College.

Allen Forest Zoo
Allen Forest Zoo - Zoological Park
Allen Forest Zoo in Kanpur is one of the most visited Zoological Parks of not only Uttar Pradesh but also the whole of India. This zoo cum botanical garden is a must visit destination during your tour to Kanpur. Allen Forest Zoo that is popularly called the Kanpur Zoo was opened in 1971 and ranks among one of the best zoos in the country. It is an ideal place for outdoor life and picnics amongst picturesque surroundings.
IIT Kanpur
IIT Kanpur - Indian Institute of Technology
The Indian Institute of Technology that is popularly known as IIT is considered among the best technical universities in the world. There are as many as 7 IIT in different part of India. All of these IIT have their separate areas of excellence and have contributed much in bringing the Information Technology revolution in India. In fact, the graduates from IIT are considered the most sought after human resource in the world.
Kanpur Memorial Church
Kanpur Memorial Church - Memorial Church
The Kanpur Memorial Church that is named All Soul's Cathedral was actually built in 1875, in honor of the British who lost their lives in the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. The church is now popularly referred as the Kanpur Church. Walter Granville, architect of the east Bengal Railway, designed the Church. The Church has been erected in Lombardy gothic style. Furthermore, it has been handsomely executed in bright red brick, with polychrome dressings. The interior contains monuments to the mutiny, including several memorial tablets. The memoirs related to this church are truly heart wrenching.
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