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Uttar Pradesh >> KushiNagar


East of Uttarpradesh
43 c Summer/ 4 c Winter
Latitude : 26.741663    Longitude : 83.889928

Language : Hindi,Urdu,English
Kushinagar in Eastern Uttar Pradesh is one of the most frequented Buddhist pilgrimages in India. Lord Buddha got nirvana at Kushinagar. The place that has for long remained neglected is fast picking up on the tourism map. Kushinagar has seen major infrastructure uplift in the recent years that is pushing tourism in this region.

The nearest Airport from Kushinagar is in Gorakhpur district but the access to this airport is limited. Therefore, Varanasi airport acts as the primary airport for Kushinagar. The nearest railhead is Gorakhpur that is well connected to the rest of India as well as Uttar Pradesh.

Kushinagar is the very place where Lord Buddha got Nirvana. This event is known as Maha-Parnirvana in Buddhist and Hindu literature. Therefore, Kushinagar evokes emotion amidst pilgrims. There are sites that are related to Buddha's Nirvana and his cremation. These sites attract scores of visitors every year. The most famous among these are Ramabhar Stupa and Nirvana Temple. These sites have been excavated in past and has bore out many relics related to Lord Buddha.

Japanese Temple
Japanese Temple
Japanese Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Kushinagar. This is a must visit site during your tour to Kushinagar. A magnificent 'Ashta Dhatu' or 'Eight Metals' statue of Lord Buddha marks this temple. This statue has been brought from Japan in dismantled form and was later joined before it was established in this temple.
MahaPari Nirvana Temple
MahaPari Nirvana Temple - The Same Temple near which Buddha Died
Nirvana Temple is one of the most frequented amongst Buddhism shrines in the world. Nirvana Temple is a must visit destination during tour to India. The place evokes emotion for every Buddhist because it is the same temple near which, Buddha died.
Mathakaut Temple
Mathakaut Temple - Famous Buddhist Shrine
Mathakaut Temple is one of the most famous and most visited shrines in Kushinagar. The Mathakaut shrine is situated at the distance of 300 meters from Maha-Parinirvana Stupa, another famous Buddhist shrine in Kushinagar. The shrine falls by the side of the road when you start moving Southwest of Maha-Parinirvana Stupa.
Ramabhar Stupa
Ramabhar Stupa - Cremation place of Buddha
Ramabhar Stupa, also called a Mukutbandhan-Chaitya, is the cremation -place of Buddha. This Site is 1.5 km east of the main Nirvana Temple on the Kushinagar- Deoria road. this Stupa has a huge circular drum with a diameter of 34.14 meters on the top consisting of the two or more terraces and is 47.24 meters in diameter at the base.
Watt Thai Temple
Watt Thai Temple
Watt Thai Temple is one of the most beautiful and most visited temples in Kushinagar. Watt Thai Temple is only one of its kinds not only in Kushinagar but also in whole of Indian Sub-continent. The temple is centrally located in Kushinagar and that is why it can be seen from anywhere and everywhere in Kushinagar. The Temple has been laid out on a lush green lawn that is spread in several acres of land.
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